Vintage and Classic Best Dressed

Vintage and Classic Best Dressed

Best Dressed Car – Fiona and Michael Smitham, Car 402

Fiona’s hair was set in curlers, dried under the old-fashioned hair dryer, teased and clipped back.  It does help that she is a hair-dresser, but I’m sure she was not born in that era!

Husband Michael has the classic polyester top that requires more than “Mum” deodorant to stay fresh all day, therefore travels with a spare set of clothes, which were hanging in the back seat.

Congratulations Fiona and Michael – you really stood out. There were a lot of other fantastic entries that made this difficult to judge, and we are very grateful for the calibre of quality dress ups and time spent on the outfits.

This car was very tempting for Julia, as the beach clothes, including boogie board were ‘steering’ her to think about her passion – the beach. Samantha soon straightened her thoughts for continuing to peruse the rest of the entries. Besides, there was no female swimsuit, indicating that Maslins may be his favourite beach. Graham Byass, (aka Mike Love of Beach Boys Faim) Samantha James & Julia Brown.

Thor Schjolden and partner were very     impressive, leading us to believe that we could be at the Goodwood Revival in UK.

Lovely Linda in green was a stand-out. Along with the fella in the grey suit, which Sam felt may win Best Dressed Male.

Maurice and Steph looked quite colourful With Arthur Rudiger (MGCC) looking on (rear)

Mr Safari Suit was captive to the judges also. The hairstyle to match. Maybe next year?

Best Dressed Female – Deborah West

The Queen would approve! This outfit is fit for anyone trying to impress.

Deborah West has a whole wardrobe full of these, and it still collecting. The last time I saw any hats like this was at Arno Bay Op Shop. I guess the country ladies love to hoard.  Well done Deborah, this beautiful blue dress is stunning. Matching Hat, Shoes and Handbag show you are all class.

A couple of gorgeous ladies that stood out

Best Dressed Male – Laurie Evans

You can never start too young!

However, this young man didn’t make the paddock, so we search very hard and decided on Laurie Evans, who had a hat of McLaren Vale Tartan and the badge on his hat represents the area as well.

After presenting him, he confessed that he did hold a managerial role at McLarens on the Lake in the 90’s, so was beholding for this prize. His partner matched him in green, so together they both stood out and came prepared for a great day out.

Perhaps we need a ‘Woodstock’ category next year!

Best Dress Motorcycle – James Doddrell

ere was a plethora of motorcycles from different eras. The collection of badges on some vests was impressive.  Even the crocodile vest with pointy leather bits got my attention. A latecomer to the field, who just scraped in on time proved that you can have a motorbike with matching motorbike suit, including helmet. WoJw – even the sash matches.